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  • Cleaning Glove long-pile, green fibre


    Versatile and practical! The green, particularly absorbent Cleaning Glove is ideal for cleaning larger surfaces, such as garden furniture, fences etc. – dirt can even be removed particularly quickly and easily from grooves and recesses with the help of the long-pile fibres. Also perfect for car washing, as it is gentle on paint.  

    Removes at least 99.9% of bacteria* with just water in combination with post-drying using the Dry Cloth. 

    *Tested by an independent institute on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus with the green fibre, Dish Cloth and Pro Cloth Plus used in combination with the Dry Cloth (tested June 2021).

  • CleanStick® 35 cm, yellow fibre


    Ideal for dusting from time to time. The internal construction of high-quality plastic is very flexible and can be bent into any desired shape. The flexible dust wiper for all plastic, wooden, painted and high-gloss surfaces. 

  • Vehicle Interior Cloth, 18 x 24 cm


    Dust has no chance! In combination with the Vehicle Interior Cleaner, ideal for both thorough cleaning of the car interior and fast “wiping through”.

  • Leather CareCloth, 18 x 24 cm


    Together with the Leather Care, the absolute professional when it comes to gentle care of all leather products. Thanks to the seamless finish, it is especially gentle on the material.

  • Leather-Care, 500 ml

    $16.90 (21,80/1l)

    The professional care of all leather products ensures radiant colours and a fresh shine thanks to high quality ingredients such as carnauba wax and jojoba oil. Cares for and reliably protects leather and is biologically degradable.


    You can find more information about our labels here.

  • SuperDry Chamois 45 x 60 cm, white/grey


    Extra soft and super absorbent. Effortlessly dries all mirrors as well as glass and painted surfaces in a gentle manner without leaving streaks – for a perfect shine. Perfect for large surfaces such as the shower, bathtub or car.

  • Bucket, 15 l


    Whether for washing the floor, cleaning windows or washing the car – the Bucket with practical drain aid is versatile and perfect for working with JEMAKO products.

  • Foam Pump for 500 ml bottle, white


    Indispensable for particularly economical dosing of JEMAKO cleaners.

  • Spray head for 500 ml bottle, grey


    Generates a particularly fine spray mist and provides optimum support for effectiveness (Caution: only suitable for specially labelled products.)