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JEMAKO principle

Simply Clean.

We think cleaning, new. And above all easy. This is still our mission today: To develop solutions that are simple and clean in every respect.

We stand for clean values

Clean benefits

Cleaning products in premium quality for best effectiveness and durability, Made in Germany

Clean together

Personal advice given on an equal level, culture of support, flexible and self-directed way of working

Clean into the future

Products manufactured responsibly, sustainable human resources and location policies, fair treatment of customers and business partners

Clean benefits​

You can rely on JEMAKO for premium-quality cleaning solutions, strict production standards and top-notch advice and guidance. It’s no wonder that JEMAKO’s highly effective fibres, cloths and cleaners have a place in homes across Germany and other European countries. We’ve been evolving ever since we started out in 1999 and are now a major player in the cleaning product industry.

Here’s why...

Clean together​

JEMAKO is a brand everyone can get on board with! Every one of our relationships is founded on equality, trust, kindness and compassion. That’s the same for our customers, colleagues and sales partners. We promote equality in society through our sales model. Our unique approach to direct sales supports diversity and equal opportunities.

Here’s why...

Clean together​

JEMAKO develops cleaning products that are clean for the benefit of people and the planet. We’re committed to cleaning up our future with the help of our customers, colleagues, sales partners and suppliers.

Here’s why...