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Made in Germany

Keeping it clean,
keeping it local

Made in Germany is more than a globally recognised indicator of quality to us. It is a promise we make to our customers and always keep. Since our first day in business, we have been developing, producing and refining our products at our site in Rhede in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. These days, we have over 300 members of staff by our side. We are fully committed to our sustainable choice of location, which also has a huge bearing on the success of our JEMAKO products.

Made in Germany –
our measure of quality

Does the made in Germany promise have anything to do with sustainability? It actually has everything to do with sustainability. When you hear that a product has been made in Germany, you expect a certain level of quality and rightly so! As part of this, you assume that we know exactly what has happened at every stage of an optimised production process. And our own non-negotiable commitment to creating efficient, durable and sustainable JEMAKO products requires us to pay close attention to the conditions under which they are produced, used and recycled.

Development by us

Our innovative ideas are behind our global success. Here at JEMAKO, fabric experts work closely with chemists on the fibre technology and cleaning product compositions of tomorrow. Our in-house research and development department drives forward our innovations and holds us to our ambitious Made in Germany standards.

Production by us

For many years now, the JEMAKO Group has had its own weaving mill nearby in Nettetal. This allows us to apply our consistently high standards to our raw materials even at the preliminary stage of fibre production. We have taken a deliberate stand against the mass exodus we have seen within the textile industry and have instead created a whole host of jobs in our local area. Our production processes in Germany are sustainable with high social standards in place.

Refinement by us

We even take care of the processing, refining and finishing stages for our fabrics. At our company premises in Rhede in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, our skilled staff produce JEMAKO fabrics with a high-quality finish. By combining the precision of state-of-the-art technology with the value of authentic craftsmanship, we create cleaning products that can be used in the home for well over a decade.

Transparent roots

You can bet that we have a clear policy about where we source the materials we need to make, distribute and sell JEMAKO products too. We buy from local suppliers and stay within Germany where we can. The fact that we know where our raw materials have come from allows us to start creating the optimum production conditions even at the procurement stage. By relying on controlled production within Germany, we keep our quality standards consistent, whilst reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with logistics.

All of the raw materials for our fibre production come from our very own weaving mill nearby in Nettetal.

We rely on the Eifel region in western Germany for some of the chemicals we used to produce our cleaning products.

The canisters for our eco-friendly refill packs are supplied from the Bitburg area.

The FSC-certified cardboard boxes we ship our products in are sourced from Hanover.

Our bottles made from old recycled plastic make their way to us from central Germany.

We have to turn to suppliers in Asia for some of the more specific raw materials because they are simply not available within Germany or the rest of Europe. Please be reassured, though, that we run thorough checks on those suppliers. We are already working towards meeting all of the criteria under Supply Chain Law even though we are not currently required to do so based on our company size.

Sustainability comes in many forms at JEMAKO

Sustainable cleaning
Sustainable packaging
Sustainable logistics
Real relationships

Sustainable cleaning products for a spotless home